Student Satellites


Already launched Sats


AeroCube1 (Aerospace)
CP1 and CP2 (CalPoly, USA)
ICEcube1 and ICEcube2 (Cornell University, USA)
ION (Illinois, USA)
HAUSAT-1 (South Korea)
KUTESat (Kansas, USA)
MEROPE (Montana, USA)
"Mea Huaka'i" Voyager (Hawaii, USA)
Ncube-1 (Norway)
PICPOT (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
Rincon (Arizona, USA)
Sacred (Arizona, USA)
SEEDS (Nihon, Japan)

The launch (Baikonur, July 26 2006 21:00 UTC) failed because of a premature shutdown of the first stage motor on the DNEPR launch vehicle. It was the first failure in 18 years.

Already launched Sats


SSETI Express (ESA)
UWE-1 (Germany)

Already launched Sats


AU (Denmark)
CanX-1 (Canada)
CubeSat XI-IV (Tokyo)
CUTE-I (Tokyo)
DTUsat (Denmark)
QuakeSat (Stanford)

More Satellites


Almasat (Bologna (I))
Beosat (ERIG - Braunschweig (D))
MOST (Toronto)
NESS (Toronto)
OPAL - SQUIRT 2 (Stanford)
PalaMede (Poli Milano)
Spartnik (San Jose State University)